About us

«At wizzy-sounds, we combine Western experience with local secrets
production, thanks to which our project is truly unique»

Fully localized for Russia and CIS countries

wizzy-sounds offers a completely unique royalty free approach to music. Unlike foreign libraries, we offer you:

Legal documents are provided All in Russian and in accordance with Russian law! You receive a high-quality audio file (in .wav format), as well as an act of “acceptance and transfer of rights to use the Content under a license agreement”. Our licenses are simple and straightforward.

Advanced search / filtering system in Russian, which in turn allows you to easily select the content you need by genre, mood or bpm.

High quality library: Our quality control team ensures that only the best audio content is selected. Our artists from all over the world are professionals in their field, which ensures the quality of our audio content and the variety of genres featured on wizzy-sounds.

On wizzy-sounds you get high quality music with all legal documents in accordance with Russian law, in your native language. Great music, simple licenses and no additional royalties to the owner!

Western experience and technology combined with the peculiarities of local business

We are a Russian company operating under European leadership in accordance with local laws. Our team includes:

Western entrepreneurs with vast experience in doing business both in Russia and abroad.

Local legal experts to ensure legal compliance with local laws.

Local experts in the music industry and musicians who control product quality and create a unique library according to local preferences.

Our project has a personal blog

Find out more about how to make your video project unique on our blog or find quality music in the library wizzy-sounds.com

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