Himalaya Drama

An atmospheric piece of music featuring asian bells, melancholic strings and piano chords, choir-synth and electronic storm sound effects. Perfect for documentaries and any media or presentation dealing with the himalayas.

Workout Motivation

A motivational Hip Hop instrumental featuring orchestra strings, electric guitar, choir vocals and drums. Perfect for workout videos, motivation videos and martial arts videos or presentation.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.


An epic orchestral score, builds tension and ends with a big climax. Its perfect for film scores, trailers and video games.

Sons Of Scotland

This piece of music starts with a typical Scottish bagpipe melody before it turns into an emotional hollywood like orchestra. Its about the pride and beauty of Scotland.

Chinese Corporate Logo

This eastern corporate logo has a stereotypical sound of chinese martial arts movies.
An excellent intro, stinger or logo for anything relating to Asia.

90s Hip Hop Beat

A stereotype 90s Hip Hop instrumental featuring orchestra hits, breath samples, staccato strings, bass and smacking drums.

Joy Of Christmas

This Christmas song is all about the joy and happiness for the best time of the year.

Essential Piano

Essential piano with violin, strings, cello, oboe and perc. Perfect for touching – loving videos.