No Gravity

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!


An inspiring and passionate solo fingerstyle royalty free acoustic guitar folk theme with body percussion, best for fun, romantic, nature, timelapse or intro clips!

Himalaya Drama

An atmospheric piece of music featuring asian bells, melancholic strings and piano chords, choir-synth and electronic storm sound effects. Perfect for documentaries and any media or presentation dealing with the himalayas.

Mystic Rainforest

A mystical, ethnic piece of music featuring asian gong, koto, flute and threatening synth drones.
Join the expedition into the deep of the rainforest. Feel the presence of the unknown and let the music lead you into the mystic world of wood and leaves.

Chasing Amazing

Describes an exciting and suspenseful event. Includes latin instruments such as bongo and conga, and percussions like toms, cymbals and cowbell. Great for sports videos especially football / soccer, food highlights advertisement, presentations and action chase scenes.

A Hopeful Day

An inspiring track with piano and orchestra, rising to a full emotional culmination.

Cinematic Solemn Piano

Cinematic ambient, corporate and classical background track, featuring a flowing thoughtful piano and beautiful strings, bringing a solemn, serious and suspenseful mood.

Cinematic Ending

A cinematic track, featuring piano and a string section, with a sense of movement, perfect for elegant and serious projects, end credits, films, movies, suspense or thriller, finishing with a positive mood.

Fading Dreams

A romantic and at the same time inspiring and uplifting piano track. Flowing melodies starting from a soft and elegant part leading to an emotional and uplifting climax.


A very soft and melodic piano track, ideal for background music in videos or other projects needing a romantic and yet inspiring atmosphere.