Himalaya Drama

An atmospheric piece of music featuring asian bells, melancholic strings and piano chords, choir-synth and electronic storm sound effects. Perfect for documentaries and any media or presentation dealing with the himalayas.

Mystic Rainforest

A mystical, ethnic piece of music featuring asian gong, koto, flute and threatening synth drones.
Join the expedition into the deep of the rainforest. Feel the presence of the unknown and let the music lead you into the mystic world of wood and leaves.


An aggressive Hip-Hop/Rock track with pumping drums and hard electric guitar chords.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

We Are Alive

Deep bass drone with male voice singing a dramatic war cry. This dramatic music is perfect for movies, documentaries and video games relating to war and destruction.

Himalaya Sunrise

A warm piece of piano music featuring Asian bells and synth pads.
After a stormy night comes the sun. And where could it be brighter than on the roof of the world?

In Your Face

An aggressive Hip-Hop instrumental track with hard synth and tabla rhythm. It’s perfect for sports and action videos. If you perform your rap vocals on it, it will hit your listeners like a baseball bat.

Sons Of Scotland

This piece of music starts with a typical Scottish bagpipe melody before it turns into an emotional hollywood like orchestra. Its about the pride and beauty of Scotland.

90s Hip Hop Beat

A stereotype 90s Hip Hop instrumental featuring orchestra hits, breath samples, staccato strings, bass and smacking drums.

Inspirational Majestic Upbeat EDM

Inspiring and upbeat ambient edm electro track with some future bass aesthetics. This track include plucky lead, pads, kick and snare, shaker and bass. This track could be use as a background music for advertising, video presentation, holiday, panoramic videos, travel, landscapes videos and You Tube videos projects !