Blackstop has been a freelance professional session pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, and Greece-based music producer for over two decades working in many areas of the music business. He has collaborated on music production projects with many well known singers and songwriters from Greece, and brings his experience as a musician and session player to many of the recordings he works on, making him a popular choice of producer for solo artists and singer/songwriters. After many years working as a professional in the music industry, he is well connected to a wide range of great session musicians worldwide. Blackstop music productions is a group of four talented professional musicians based in Greece. Our aim, as a music production company, is to work closely with you on what you want to achieve on your projects. Our approach is collaborative, it’s your name that’s associated with our music and we are mindful of that in the way that we work.. In our profile page you will find live recordings of royalty free, background music in all genres, that are highly applicable to film, advertisement, website, TV, games, animation, cartoon, flash presentation, podcast and radio based projects. You can hear a wide range of examples of professional music recordings on our audio player below • You could be a solo singer requiring musical accompaniment on a Demo or Master. • You might be a band making a single or an album. • Perhaps you are a multi-instrumentalist who just needs a great music production service or a company requiring original music for your project. • Even if you are a lyricist and don’t play any instruments – whoever and wherever you are – Blackstop can help realise your musical ideas. This way we can work with any style of music production and this is demonstrated in the selection of music on the audio player here. Prior to working on music production we always like to meet with our clients and talk through the various approaches that are possible, once we have established exactly what you hope to achieve with your project. If we are working remotely with people from parts of the country, or indeed anywhere on the planet, we can talk on Skype or communicate by email if you prefer. Thank you for visiting our site and… happy listening!










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