Upload Instructions

A step-by-step guide to uploading your tracks for review
Within this page you will find instructions on how to prepare your tracks for uploading, how to upload them via your personal account, and how to maximize chances of the tracks being approved. We have a very tight quality control procedure and a dedicated team of professionals reviewing each track, so make sure you are uploading your best work.
Please pay close attention to each step since they are all critical to the successful uploading and subsequent sale of your tracks.

!IMPORTANT! You must own 100% of the rights to the tracks you upload, which must all be your own original work and have no 3rd party claims against them.

1. General overview:

Once you upload your tracks via your personal dashboard we will aim to review them within 2 business days. Depending on upload volumes this can vary slightly. Once your tracks have been varified, we will automatically add the wizzy-sounds watermark to create the preview file (the file which will be displayed to the customer for preview). The ‘clean’ (unwatermarked) track will be sent to the customer upon purchase of the relevant license.
We will also translate all track descriptions into Russian.
Each individual track must be uploaded seperately.

2. Preparing your files for upload:

2.1 File Format requirements:

To ensure quality consistency we accept tracks in .wav format only. These must be from 44.1 kHz and from 16-Bit stereo.

2.2 File variations:

Although it is not a requirement, we advise that you create a few variations of the track uploaded. This will ensure that your tracks appeal to as wide an audience as possible, boosting sales. These could include:
– Shorter loop(s) of the main track (especially relevant for progressive tracks). – A short version of the track. – An instrumental version (if your track includes vocals). – A logo version (e.g. 0:05-0:25 seconds long). – Any other variations you feel might be useful.
It is essential that you name these file variations accordingly (see next section).

2.3 Naming the files:

Try to choose an appropriate name for each track to make it as easy as possible for customers to find.
The main track (masterfile): the main track should be named ‘songname’. This is true regardless of whether you include variations of the track uploded.
Variations: variations should also be named in a logical mannor, and must be preceeded by the ‘songname’ followed by a ‘-‘ symbol, followed by the appropriate variation name..
For example, we take a track called ‘uplifting corporate’:
Main track:
uplifting corporate
Loop 1:

uplifting corporate-loop-1

Loop 2:
uplifting corporate-loop-2
Instrumental version:
uplifting corporate-instrumental
Logo version:
uplifting corporate-logo
Version without drums:
uplifting corporate-no-drums
Failure to name the tracks correctly can lead to rejection of the track.

3. Uploading the track:

Login, and head to your user dashboard.
Click on the ‘Add Track’ section and fill in each field, following the simple instructions. The fields are as follows:

track name
track description
tags (these are used to help the customer find your track when searching)
Instruments used (these help customers filter by specific instruments)
BPM (these help customers filter by tempo)
File Uploads (upload the masterfile and any variations here)
P.R.O affiliated (if you are a member of a Performing Rights Organisation, select it from the dropdown)

Remember- the more details you give in each field, the more chance there is of a customer finding and buying your track, so be specific and accurate!
Now all you have to do is wait for our team to review the track. We aim to get all tracks reviewed within 2-3 business days, but during times of high upload volumes it may take a bit longer.

4. Rejections:

Do not be disheartened if your track gets rejected- rejections happen for many reasons and are not necessarily related to the quality of the track produced.
If your track is rejected we will try our best to let you know why it did not get past our quality control team. Usually we will tell you whether it was rejected for a technical reason (wrong file format, wrong file naming, too many similar tracks in the library already) or a quality related reason (in such cases we will try to advise you on how to improve the track if we think it has potential).

5. Bulk upload instructions:

If you have many tracks to upload (15 or more) and you do not wish to spend time uploading them and making all descriptions yourself, we can do this for you. Before you upload them, however, please send a link to a web page containing all the songs to support@wizzy-sounds.com and we will review them there and email you back with a list of the tracks that are accepted/rejected along with further instructions on how to complete the bulk upload.
If you experience any problems during the upload process please contact us at support@wizzy-sounds.com



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